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Hello, I’m Johnny Spandrell. I live in Australia. My birth story is Death to the Daleks.

Like many fans, I’ve done the complete run of Doctor Who in story order. In fact, I’ve done it twice. I couldn’t face it again.

So instead, I’m going to view each story in random order. This is, I think, how most of us view Doctor Who anyway; not in sequence, but in no sequence.

I’m also going to blog about each story. I mean, jeez, if I’m going to watch it all again, I might as well have something to show for it at the end.

Some rules (which might get broken):

  • The stories are selected randomly, from a list of stories already in random order. So twice the randomness. Thank you Excel. Once blogged the story gets removed from the list.
  • I’ll try to say something new and interesting about each story.
  • These aren’t reviews. I’m not saying what’s good and what’s bad. You can make up your own minds and probably already have.
  • I’ll try to avoid accepted fan judgement on a story. Blink isn’t necessarily good, Timelash isn’t necessarily bad. I’m approaching each piece anew.
  • I’ll also, just for the hell of it, try to identify a link between each story, so there’s a line – no matter how tenuous – through Doctor Who even in random.

So let’s see how it goes.

Contact me via Twitter @johnnyspandrell



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