Randomwhoness: a Doctor Who blog by Johnny Spandrell.

Fresh observations on Doctor Who – in random order.

About Johnny


Hello, I’m Johnny Spandrell. I live in Australia. My birth story is Death to the Daleks.

I started this blog in 2014. Back then, I was thinking about viewing the complete run of Doctor Who in story order. But I’d done that twice already. I couldn’t face it again.

So instead, I decided to watch each story again, but in random order. This is, I think, how most of us view Doctor Who anyway; not in sequence, but in no particular sequence.

I finished my random trawl through the program in 2019, and now you’ll find nearly 300 articles here, covering every story from 100,000 BC to Resolution, with a few extra posts in between.

The rules I set (and occasionally broke) while writing were these:

  • I tried to say something new and interesting about each story.
  • The posts aren’t reviews. I’m not saying what’s good and what’s bad. You can make up your own minds and probably already have.
  • I tried to avoid accepted fan judgement on a story. Blink isn’t necessarily good, Timelash isn’t necessarily bad. I tried to approach each piece anew.
  • I also identified a link between each story, so there’s a line – no matter how tenuous (and sometimes it got really tenuous) – through Doctor Who, even in random.

Hope you enjoy it.

Contact me via Twitter @johnnyspandrell


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